Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Resolution Reminder

Confidence, Empowerment, Courage, whatever you wanna call the thing that we all want more of in our lives, is on my mind today. Perhaps because it was part of my New Year's resolution. I say, "was" because today is March 3rd and we all know how by the third month of the year our New Year's resolutions have somewhat become forgotten or have been broke far too many times.

My 2010 New Year's Resolution was to not let people intimidate me or cause me to feel self conscious. It was to be more confident, to have courage and empower myself to be all I can be or at least just be what I am. I don't want to apologize for being myself and have been trying to get used to the idea that I don't have to be best friends, or even a friend to everyone. I don't mean this to sound like it probably does, but I really have struggled with wanting everyone to "like" me since I was a little girl. The fact is we can waist a lot of time trying to make certain relationships work that are not meant to be much more than work-like, plain, non-personal, courteous, etc. Life is just too short.

Instead, I've been focusing on strengthening those truly special relationships that I already have and reminding myself how surrounding myself with positive people in a caring environment is so key to my own happiness. When new great relationships come along, that is a blessing, and is better when not forced.

So, New Year's resolution or not, I'm taking a moment today to remind myself of what meant the most to me 3 months ago and still means a great deal to me today.

One of my favorite quotes paraphrased and changed slightly: I can accept the things I cannot change, I have the courage to change the things I can, and will understand the difference, eventually.

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