Monday, March 8, 2010

Hurry Up and Procrastinate!

Believe it or not, this week is national procrastination week. It also happens to be my birthday week. This seems quite perfect because I plan to put aside some normal tasks that I usually do just to have some much needed "me-time." I intend to procrastinate, a little.

I'm really not someone who likes to procrastinate at all. In fact, I'm usually way ahead of the game and like to get things done way before they really need to be done. I used to get teased by my family for packing my suitcase weeks before a trip just because I was so excited to go and didn't want to forget anything. I also tend to plan things far in advance and enjoy the anticipation of upcoming events.

So, procastination is not really in my vocabulary. However, I feel that sometimes, for someone like myself, it may be okay to do it just a bit and a little more often. For instance, procrastinating can leave room for relaxing and renewing a sense of calm that a busy productive life sometimes overshadows. It can give you a different focus and open your eyes to something new or a new prospective.

Kids are great at procrastinating. They are easily distracted by things that happen to grab their attention and will often shift activities if something else seems like more fun or a better occupation of their time. I think that as we get older we become less open to this because we get programed to stay on a certain track. It is also usually looked at negatively by others if we don't get something done right when we said we would. How many of those things really have to be done right when we say they need to be done?

Think about when you are forced to procrastinate. An easy one is when you are sick, have a funeral to attend, or have scheduled a family vacation. We have no problem during these times leaving our work for what is more important. Life does go on and things do have a way of being okay.

So the next time you're thinking about procrastinating, I say simply ask yourself what is most important at this moment in time and how will doing or not doing this particular task affect me in the near future. It might mean just doing it or it might mean leaving it because something else is more important. You decide.

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