Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun Factor

I really like the book called "A Little Bit Wicked," by Kristin Chenoweth. For those of you that aren't familiar with her, she's a wonderful musical theatre, Broadway actress, who has won a tony and been in some movies; a real idol of mine. She's super great! Anyway, she wrote a book about her life as a performing artist and I read it. Since I have a performing arts background, and have been a professional performer here and there for the past five years, I thought it would be enlightening to read; it definitely is.

Chenoweth talks about the "fun factor" when she chooses what jobs to take and what jobs to pass up. She talks about how it is never easy to decide what opportunities to take advantage of and that many times you are on your own to pick. I can relate to this because there are always so many things I want do. When I say yes to everything I'm left not being able to enjoy any of them to the fullest, which is why I like to get advice on how to not get myself in this place to begin with. If I want to say no to something I can use the "fun factor" as my reason. This makes turning down something a breeze and less guilt ridden.

The "fun factor" means considering how much fun something might be compared to another. If something seems like it will be more fun than you might choose doing that over something that might be less fun. Seems simple right? Maybe for some, but for those of us that usually end up tormenting ourselves with a lot of un-fun things on a daily basis, it is a great reminder how to steer our paths in a more fun direction.

I want to have more fun. So I'm saying yes to considering the "fun factor" when I'm caught between a few options I can't decide on. I think of it as my little decision meter that I keep in my back pocket and can pull out when ever I need it.


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