Monday, March 22, 2010


Who doesn't want to save money? Even if it's a few cents lately? I sure do. Think about how we get anxious when gas prices raise just 5-10 cents, sending us a few miles down the road to where we know it's cheaper at certain places. Think about how cents add up overtime.

This is where using coupons come into play. I have always had a relationship with coupons. My mom used to set her weekly pile on the kitchen counter with her scissors and would sit down with her cup of coffee to clip out coupons. When we got older it became a chore that we were sometimes asked to help with. It was fun to see all the things we could buy and save money on with coupons. My mom used to have a running total of how much she'd save each week. I remember when she would get super happy and a huge kick out of saving over $20 in one grocery shopping outing. That's a lot of money now, and was a lot then.

Today, I cut coupons myself. Every Sunday I look through the adds with my husband and clip out coupons I think we might use. I try not to clip out things we don't normally buy. I can't justify saving money on buying something just because I have a coupon for it. The only time I do this is if it is a new product I'd like to try. Staples in my house like butter, yogurt, oatmeal, tea, paper goods, and personal items I have no problem finding coupons for.

Many times you can even double up coupons with your local grocery store coupons as well. Most places like Cub Foods will take both a manufacture and store coupon. This can mean huge savings!

Check out for a way to print coupons according to your zip code.

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