Monday, March 15, 2010

Clutter Awareness Week

What is clutter? Clutter is basically anything that takes up physical or mental space that you don't either use or love. It's something that doesn't serve you well but is occupying your space, time, and energy anyway. It requires an investment from you, without giving you much in return.

This week happens to be "Clutter Awareness" week. The word "awareness" is great because it makes it feel like it's more about becoming conscious to what already is clutter in my life rather than thinking that I'm embarking on something really that new. Afterall, awareness really is the first step in making changes of any kind. Finding a new perspective to look at things is always a great way to refresh.

Here is one clutter awareness tidbit to focus on each day this week:

Monday: Identify the spaces in your home or office that you see clutter.

Tuesday: Start to look closer at objects around you to identify what really is clutter. Answer these two questions to decide: Do I use this? Do I love this? If the answer is no to both, it is clutter.

Wednesday: Remove 3 pieces of clutter from your desk, kitchen counter, or nightstand, and see how de-cluttering makes you feel.

Thursday: Identify mental clutter in your life, or things that you may be holding onto and thinking about from the past that no longer serve you. Is there something that you need to let go? Is there someone that you need to forgive? Are you waisting time and energy on something that really doesn't matter that much?

Friday: Plan a day to let go of mental clutter and mark it in your calendar. Plan to identify what it is that you want to let go and send it away.

A few creative ways to let mental clutter go:
1)Tie it to a balloon and let it go.
2)Send it out to sea as you throw a stone across the water.
3)Toss a marshmellow into your next campfire and watch it melt away each worry.

Saturday: Take a break! Un-clutter your mind and congratulate yourself for increasing awareness about clutter in your life by taking a walk outside, reading your favorite magazine, painting your toenails, or sipping one glass of heart healthy red wine. You deserve it!

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