Monday, February 22, 2010

enough is Enough.


I recently heard someone talk about the word "enough." He asked us to reflect on what that word brings to mind and added how he thinks it is such a great word.


For some reason, I think it stuck with me because so often I find myself always looking to make something better, do something more, put in that little extra even if I've done what I started out to do in the first place. This constant striving past "enough" sometimes leaves me feeling unsatisfied, exhausted, or just plain like there is no end to many of the tasks I encounter on a day to day basis.


What would it be like to, more often than not, feel like I have done enough, have had enough, have seen enough, have heard enough? Would I feel more satisfied and content?

We only have so many hours each day, and days each week, weeks each month, and months each year. What really matters to us most and how can feeling like enough is enough make life better?


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