Monday, February 8, 2010

Clear out Computer Clutter

Today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Personally, I find organizing computer files challenging. Sometimes it's hard to decide what to call a file when saving it and where to put it in the mix of files already created on my personal computer. Another challenge can be how long to keep a file once it's saved and finding ways to easily access it when you need it.

Here are a few ideas I've been trying to help clear out computer clutter:

* SAVE FILES under titles that will help you find it quickly by labeling it with words that identify what it contains and pertains to. (Just a couple of words)

Example: Taxes 2009, Job Resume, Grocery List, Receipts

* PLACE FILES in broader categories that lead you to the file even better.

Example: Taxes, Job Search, Household, Finances

* BACK UP FILES on a regular basis.

Mark in your calendar a time or day each month to back up your files on a USB or other exterior backup device. This way, if your computer crashes you will have a way to retrieve your files. Back up files more often depending on how much you use your computer.

* SORT FILES along the way and send unwanted files to your trashcan.

Going through files regularly makes an annual purge much more manageable if you do a little bit here and there. Try going through and seeing what you've got saved when you are updating something else. Chances are there will be one or two files you can send off to the recycle bin. Remember, if you ever delete something it can always be retrieved by going to your trashcan on your computer until you empty that as well.

Try it, feels great!

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