Tuesday, January 12, 2010

National Get Organized Month

January is National Get Organized Month. I recently attended the National Association of Professional Organizer's (NAPO)"GO" event in Edina, Minnesoata. It was a great chance to learn more about getting organized and see favorite product demonstrations by fellow POs.

I demonstrated a favorite product called the "Mulit-Use Hanger," made by Komplement, and sold at IKEA for $7.99. It's great for organizing long hanging accessories in your closet. I use it for scarves, fabric ties used as belts, shawls, and bulky costume jewelry. The uses are endless!

Other ways to use the Muli-Use Hanger:

*tights, leggings, nylons and stockings. Try using clothes pins to secure smaller items (like kids socks)and air dry them in your laundryroom

*men's belts and ties

*Hang one in your Coat/Hall Closet: winter scarves, extension cords, extra Christmas light cords

*Hang one on an Over-The-Door Hook by your Kitchen and attach: Holiday Cards, crafts the kids bring home, and other seasonal items you want to display in one spot. It's great because you can move it around, bring it out when the company comes and put it away when you want to have less clutter.

*Put it in your Craft Closet/Room for: extra ribbons and fabric pieces, or dry flowers or herbs on it

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