Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lights, Please!

Recently, I've had a run in with a few tech problems that have made me realize how much we are dependent on all things computer-tech-like. For instance, my wireless internet has been down at home now for over a week. Sometimes even the regular plug-in-the-wall internet had been down which sent me to a local coffee shop more than once last week to follow up on emails. Now I usually wouldn't mind having an excuse to treat myself to a coffee and treat so that I could use the internet provided, but more than once or twice a week can get a bit pricey. Not to mention that I would prefer to be curtious to the other customers and limit my time on the internet to 15 minutes like the sign says. This made running business as usual quite challenging last week. I'm writing this blog on my husband's laptop in our basement because my computer upstairs still doesn't have wireless internet. But at least I don't have to rush my emails to the point that I'm not sure which way my head is spinning.

Today I had a callback for a commercial audition and was called in the car as I was driving to my agency to be informed that they had technical difficulties with their computer and recording systems. They had called the "tech guy" and would see what they could do, but wanted to let me know that we may have to reschedule. Too bad I was already on my way and ready to go. Luckily the client the commercial is for is okay with us doing it tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the problem gets fixed by the time I arrive in the morning.

Oh, and last week Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, we had a power outage at home too. I had just finished showering for the night and hadn't blow dried my hair yet or eatten the pizza that was cooking in the oven. It was past 7PM and I was hugery and still dripping water in the bathroom. I sure felt thankful when the power turned back on 15-20 minutes later.

The fact of the matter is...Life still goes on without all things working quite right. Problems happen and we adjust. It slows us down and requires us to go back to the basics. Not all is so bad. I was able to get more things done that didn't require internet this week, I was able to chat with the people at my agency that I normally only get a chance to say hi to at a quick audition, and we now plan to have a flashlight upstairs in our new home instead of just downstairs.

I guess next time I have a tech problem, I may just consider it an opportunity rather than a hinderence. Well, we'll see.

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