Thursday, December 3, 2009

Circle Back

Sometimes we get so caught up with looking ahead to the next project, task, or goal to accomplish that we forget to look at what we currently have or have already accomplished. Lately, with the Thanksgiving holiday, we are reminded that it really isn't just once a year that we should look at what we currently have and feel thankful. Something I've been thinking about lately is the idea of making sure to take care of what I already have, or what I've been calling lately "circle back." I can't remember if I heard someone else refer to this before, but it makes sense to me.

To "circle back" means to every so often go back and nurture or take care of what is already there, started or taking up space in your life. It can be taking care of your house plants that need water or dead leaves pinched off. It can be sweeping your kitchen floor and washing it on your hands and knees to make it shiny and clean. It could be mending a favorite scarf you like to wear but has a small tare in it. Any number of things that require some time and effort but might get overlooked by something new that is coming into your life.

When we "circle back" we are maintaining things that are important to us and surround us daily. When I do this I feel less stress and that my life is a bit more under control and simplified. If I don't, the little things can seem to add up to feeling out of control and a bigger deal than they really are. Taking care of what we already have leaves us the room to move on to new things. That's really exciting.

So the next time you decide to take on something new, stop first and see if there is something else that needs finishing or your attention first. Less is more, and one thing at a time sure feels better.

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