Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby Steps in the Morning

Lately, in the mornings I've been trying to take care of one thing right away that I've been putting off taking care of. Yes, even the organizer, go-getter, has things she procrastinates. Who doesn't? Anyway, since our big move into our new home I still have a few little piles laying around here and there. I've been working on setting up a space for myself to do crafts, yoga, listen to music and other things I enjoy. In the midst of running my own business and working very random hours at times I have found that certain areas of my personal life have somewhat gone neglected. I'm well aware that the transition of moving is partly to blame, but I also take full responsibility here. So, in order to address this I've been doing a little bit here and there in the mornings to work on this problem. This is what it entails.

Morning Baby Steps to Organizing:

1) I do 10-15 minutes of stretching right away when I wake up. Feels Great!
2) I pick a little pile of things or take a look at something that I feel is "holding me back" and address what to do with it.
3) I do what is necessary to free myself of the stress related to the items, which might be tossing it or relocating it to another area of the house, etc.
4) I go about my morning and feel a ton better having dealt with something that has been bothering me for who knows how long.

An example: I had a pile of framed pictures, a calendar I was saving because I liked the artist and I thought I might frame some of the pages "one day", and a piece of art my sister did for me that represented a dream I once had for myself 10 years ago.

It was causing me stress because it was on the floor and I was looking at it while doing my stretching each morning and distracting me with thoughts that I should do something with it.

I decided to line up the framed items along the wall that I know for sure I will hang in the space. I glanced through the calendar again and decided that I don't love the art anymore enough to invest in the time to frame anything from it. I recycled it. I also decided it is time to make room for new dreams, and although the art collage my sister did brings back memories and has some sentimental value it is so faded now that it is time to let it go. Perhaps she can make me a new one. I also recycled that.

It felt great, and took literally under five minutes.

Sometimes we put off doing something for far too long when all it will take is really just a few minutes to take care of if we allow ourselves the time to think through why we are holding on to the current state it is in.

The feeling I get from this one accomplishment is why I know organizing is so helpful to decreasing stress and allowing us to move forward in our lives in the direction we desire.

Less Piles and More Smiles here.

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