Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moving Day Tips

We bought our first house recently and are beginning to settle in. As you can imagine, we learned a lot about our belongings and ourselves as we made the transition into this new chapter of our lives.

Even for a Professional Organizer, moving everything we own from a two bedroom apartment into a four bedroom house can seem overwhelming. Not that we have that much "stuff" but there is always more than you think you have once you start packing, moving, and unpacking things. Thinking about where to disperse everything takes some time and careful planning.

To get the most out of the help of our friends and family we gathered to help us move I labeled the boxes ahead of time to be taken to the rooms I thought the contents would go. This was very helpful since we purchased a two story house with a basement and eliminated having to relocate boxes up and down steps after figuring out what was inside. For example, the kitchen items made it next to the kitchen, the office and bedroom items made it upstairs, and the entertainment items to the basement. Putting a label on furniture pieces also helped because people could just look and see where we were thinking it would go and didn't have to ask. If I changed my mind later, no big deal, it just gave us a good start and saved us time once everything was moved.

We really didn't have a ton of boxes, but my suggestion to those moving that do is to color code the rooms you want the contents to go to. That gives it an extra level of organization to make things run smoothly. For instance: Kitchen- Red, Master Bedroom- Blue, Basement Rec Room- Green, etc. Or you can nickname rooms. One of the upstairs rooms was painted bright pink because it was a little girls room. We knew this would be our office after we re-painted it, but to keep it simple we labeled our office boxes "pink room." Either way, this system worked for us and helped lessen the stress of moving.

Of course the best help is friends and family willing to lift a hand on moving day.
Good ol' fashion pizza, soda, and cookies never hurt either.

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