Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vision Board

Vision Boards are great tools for keeping all of your goals, dreams, and life wishes handy. I have one right next to my desk in my home office. I clip a variety of things to it related to family and friends, personal goals, work, and hobbies. I change things frequently as new ideas come into mind and old ones loose interest. This keeps my creativity and ambitions fresh and moving forward. I feel less stuck in the past and can not only enjoy the moment but also look to the future with a vision to inspire me.

An example of things I put up are: some current pictures of my family from events I happened to miss and a brochure for a resort we will be going to in a few weeks, a fitness schedule for classes at my gym that take place each week, a gift card for The Container Store, which I plan to use when we get our first home, next to my realtor and lender's business cards, and a copy of my new business card for my business Smiling Spaces.

To set up your own vision board, all you need is a blank space to post things in plain sight. I use a combination of a tack board and a fabric covered board with ribbons that crisscross to hold your things to post. You could also use a free wall space, or back of a door- Whatever works for you. To keep it organized, separate the area into categories like: Career Goals, Health, Family/Friends, Hobbies, Wish List, etc. Keep it fun, keep it up-to-date as you change your goals and find new inspirations to reach for. You can designate a color to each area or label it with a fun symbol or picture.

Whatever you do, look at it often and be inspired!

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  1. By using Vision Boards, you will learn to hold on tight to your personal goal and to take consistent action to manifest your goals.