Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Reading Pile

Almost everyone has things they either want or need to read on a day to day basis. Usually a variety of newspapers, magazines, and books, and maybe a few newsletter-type articles here and there.

I only get the Sunday paper because I don't have time during the week to read a daily paper and the occasional evening news viewing and online news I get seems to be enough for my fill. Plus, I like the coupons and adds that tag along with it. My husband Tim and I find it fun to look at the adds together Sunday mornings.

I have been receiving a free new business newspaper in the mail after having started my business Smiling Spaces this year. I find that very interesting and it only comes about once a month I guess. Again, plenty for me.

I have a subscription to "Real Simple," and get a free issue of "Experience Life" from Lifetime Fitness, which comes with my health club membership. I find that that is plenty for me as well.

I have a great book I just started written by Kristin Chenoweth called, "A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love and Faith in Stages." It's light, a biography, and interesting to me because she's a confident Broadway star that hasn't let that go to her head. this is my lighter read, great for before bedtime.

I also have an organizing book I'm reading that is pulled from a small collection on my desk that I plan to read. This is for learning more about my business of course.

I keep my newspaper on the kitchen table only for about a day or so and then it gets put into a recycle bin under the side table by the couch. That way it's there if I want to grab an add out later in the week if I happen to need it, but all ready to go be recycled once full as well. We pretty much read the Sunday paper on Sunday.

I keep my two magazines and if I have the New Business newspaper on the kitchen table in a small pile where I like to read while eating my breakfast. I try to only have that on the table so there isn't too much clutter. I also find reading to be better while I eat than watching TV. I fold pages down if there is something I want to save and then usually recycle the rest. However, since starting my business I have decided to hold on to issues of "Real Simple" for reference, at least for a while. (Organized nicely of course)

My two books I have going I keep by my bedside on my antique vanity from my grandmother's house. I think they look nice there as well.

Although I sometimes find it hard to find lots of time to read, I do think having the material placed where I am likely to do the reading very handy. By keeping my books to only about two also helps. My magazines as well. Too many can be overwhelming and make it hard to get through anything. Life's just too short to be bogged down by feeling I have to read anything.

My mom has great advice having to do with my last statement. She says, "If you don't like what you're reading, then don't read it. Life's too short to finish a book you don't care for." I agree.

Happy reading!

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