Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love to laugh!

Laughter is one of those things that just makes life so enjoyable. It's a universal sign that someone is happy and content in the moment. It can be contagious just to hear another person laugh out loud near by. It makes you want to hear what it is that is so funny to them. We all have our own laughs. Each laugh is like a unique fingerprint with no two people sounding quite the same.

All too often we don't get to laugh enough, which is a shame. I once heard that laughter can make a person live longer because it decreases stress. This makes clear sense to me, but what doesn't make sense is why we don't find ways to do it more. It sure would beat trying to always eat healthy and exercise regularly, although I have to admit I don't mind either one too much. But laughter is just so easy when there is something to laugh about.

I think we should try to find humor in every day and not look at things so seriously. If we do that I think we are bound to laugh more.

I once saw a special on TV about a place that is set up like a yoga or health club studio where people go to laugh with other people. No joke! I'm not sure where this is located, but somebody else is teaching classes where the main thing you do is laugh. Talk about a funny class! (No pun intended)

I'm smiling already just thinking about it! Ha ha ha...Hee hee hee...

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