Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Nappy

This Mother's Day weekend my husband Tim and I went up to his parent's lake home. It's about two hours north of the Twin Ciites and just enough of a getaway to feel like a mini vacation. With all the house hunting we've been doing lately it was sure needed.

I endullged in two naps this weekend, and let me tell you they were greatly enjoyed. Why is it that our culture tends to give us the impression that taking a break like a nap is overendulgent or lazy? Wouldn't most people be more productive and happier people if they could just rest every once in a while? We need that time to refresh our minds and spirits ever so slightly. At first it might be hard to slow down and do this, but I know I could get used to it.

My three nephews all had to take naps this weekend. A couple of them had a hard time going down, but we saw the results first hand when they woke up that it was needed. My sister calls nap time "happy nappy" to make it sound less terrible to her three year old. It seems to work fairly well.

I know I was happier when I woke up so I think I might just take a "happy nappy" more often.

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