Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Don't bug me!

Bugs. Yuck! Spring time always brings those little critters out of the wood work. My husband Tim and I live in a two bedroom apartment on the third floor of what I think is a very well taken care of building. However, we still get bugs crawling around.

Just this morning I vaccumed over one juicy, little slug bug thingy, and a big fat black ant. Yesterday Tim scooped up another one of the slug bug thingys I told him I left for him to get after leaving the bathroom. I was also startled at my desk the other day by a fast moving black ant that came out of no where running full speed at my typing hands. I can't imagine what it was thinking. Perhaps he feared I'd threaten his existence by typing such an article as this, speaking of his existance to all.

Spiders are suppose to be good luck, but I have a terrible fear of them. Ever since I worked on the Showboat on the Mississippi, when I was in college performing, I have had a fear of spiders because they were everywhere. The other morning I was eating by oatmeal and not one, but two spiders came down to meet me inches from where I sat. I felt awful squishing them, but hey, this is my space and I wish they would stick to the plants I have or only come out at night when I can't see them.

So, to all the bugs thinking about embarking on out into my living space- beware! I've got a fully loaded kleenex and back up paper towel nearby that I'm not afraid to use.

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