Thursday, April 2, 2009

Green Thumb

I love plants! Yesterday morning after breakfast I took a few minutes to water my apartment's house plants. Growing up we always had lots of plants around and I guess I've followed in my mother's footsteps because I own... let me think...twelve... no thirteen house plants. I would have more or a garden outside, but I live in a two bedroom apartment on a third floor with no balcony or yard. We have wonderful morning sunlight from the eastern exposure and even better southern exposure in the afternoon. One of the requirements for our new home we are looking to buy is a nice yard where I can garden.

Plants are wonderful because they really don't require much maintenance like a pet does, they don't talk back to you, and besides water, don't cost much at all. Once a week I water them and pick off the dead leaves to make them look pretty. We laugh at one of the huge plants I have that reaches from the floor to the ceiling and leans over our extremely huge tube TV we inherited from my brother-in-law. I turn it once in a while to try and train it to go the other way but it sort of has a personality of it's own.

I love watching a thirsty plant soak up water in the soil and watch as the water disappears down into the plant. It makes me feel good that I have attended it and taken care of its needs. The quiet bubbling noise it makes sounds like a little thank you the plant is crying out to me. How can I not feel sad when I see one wilting with its leaves drooping down. It's like an innocent child you see on those help the starving children commercials on TV. I feel so responsible for their happiness and like a mother to my plants.

Plants are suppose to be good for your environment indoors because they help naturally filter the air. They are also suppose to be good for your mental health because they serve as a reminder of nature and require you to take a moment out of your busy day or week to tend to. I like looking at them sometimes when I feel restless indoors on a day that is snowy. They remind me of warm summer days and quiets trips away from the city life.

I have cactus, bamboo, aloe, a spider plant, a bonsai tree, and a few other fun varieties I don't know how to spell and I'd have to get reminded from my mom what they are. But what a variety I have now that I think about it more.

One day I hope to grow vegetables like we had when we were kids. My mom grew raspberries and green beans in our backyard. This was our first house we lived in until I was four. We used to hide ourselves in amongst the bushes and leaves and eat to our tummies content. My mom told us years later that she thought she wasn't a very good grower because there was never very much to harvest. She had no idea how much we were eating I guess.

Maybe we will have a house by this summer or fall and I can start my very own garden.
I hope my house plants don't get jealous!

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