Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Time

Easter is just around the corner. Actually, it's this weekend. Tim and I are visiting my family in Wisconsin and will celebrate with them. My sisters and I are planning to make the family brunch on Sunday.

Like many holidays the family meal oftentimes takes the center of the occasion. Easter is no different really. This year we are trying to make it less of an ordeal and my hope is that we can focus more on just being together rather than make it about how well the ham turned out. With our busy lives and many obligations it just seems like keeping that kind of focus is so much more important.

Family meals are a wonderful time to share with each other what is new in our lives and talk about our day, week, or accomplishments or struggles in the past months. Tim and I try to have a quiet dinner at least a couple times a week. We turn off the TV and sit at our little round table and eat and talk for about 15-20 minutes. Some times it seems really hard to slow down and do this, but it has helped us learn to communicate better.

My mom used to require that we all do this as a family when I was growing up. We couldn't have the TV on or the radio. We all sat around the table and would talk and eat together. I know there has been research done about how this is so good for families and that kids are usually better students and stay out of trouble more when they have this kind of interaction with their parents. I'm sure married couples like Tim and I benefit in a similar way.

So, this Easter I'm going to try and remember it's about the people at the table and not about what's on my plate that matters most. Although, I just might close my eyes for a minute while I savor my juicy piece of ham and fresh pineapple my sister said she saw a great deal on recently, $1.99 for a whole pineapple! Amazing! Hope she gets it too. How lucky we are.

Oh, two nights ago I saw a white tailed rabbit hopping away right outside my apartment when I was coming in for the night. I love that! Good spring signs.

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