Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tackling Little Procrastinations

Once in a while I find that the pile of little things that I've been meaning to do get to the point that I don't even know where to start. I've recently started thinking that if I take some time right after breakfast in the morning to tackle one or two of those things, I not only keep that to-do-list in check, but really can get many of them accomplished in a short amount of time.

Why do we procrastinate anyway? Some do it more than others. I tend to not be one of them too often, but I do have things that I'd like to do and never seem to get to. If someone doesn't, then I find that really hard to believe. Getting those little things done feels really good and makes room for the bigger tasks we set aside to do that day or week.

I usually let the one or two things I choose to do be spontaneous. This morning it was putting a picture of my niece in a frame and some more of her pictures in an album set aside for my other little niece and nephews. I also went through the junk mail, something we do everyday, but found a coupon for something for my car's maintenance. I put that by my computer so I remember to call and set up an appointment to have some work done. So, one thing was fun, and one was a bit boring. I find it helps to have that balance when you are trying to get those little extra things done.

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