Thursday, March 19, 2009


Purses and bags are a fun accessory and necessity for so many women. I myself carry my purse with me everyday. Right now it's a white leather bag with one main compartment and two outer pockets with buckles. The inside has a great little zipper pocket for smaller items. It's kind of like a little companion that I make sure to keep track of in busy places and make sure to keep well stocked with just the "essentials."

I think most women can agree that purses can take on a life of their own when they get overcrowded and disorganized. To combat this, I try to go though the contents of my purse regularly, at least once a week. I have found that keeping smaller items in little pouches that zip up can really help me keep the contents of my purse in order. I love some pouches my friend "The Happy Seamstress" made me. She owns her own sewing business and makes these terrific organizational pouches that can be used for anything you really want to contain that is around the size of what you might put in your purse or take-along-bag.

Check out her website for this great product and other great creations at

Your purse just might thank you for it!

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