Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Clean Out Your Closet Week

The third week of March is National "Clean out Your Closet Week."

As the weather gets warmer and spring approaches we are reminded of new beginnings and often crave having a fresh look at life in general.

With that in mind, it's a great time to go through your closets and evaluate what you have and see what can stay and what should go.

Although there are many types of closets, such as linen closets, front door/coat closets, pantries and clothes closets. I'd love to focus on talking about the last, which is clothing closets.

Our clothes are something that we have to have. Let's face it, clothing is a necessity, we just can't leave the house without wearing anything. Unfortunately, because of this we sometimes forget that clothing needs to be constantly kept in check and maintained on a regular basis. Most of us know that we have to wash and dry, iron, or mend clothing when it needs it. But we also have to set aside time to go through our clothing, once or twice a year at least, to decide if we should get rid of something and replace it. Like it or not, fashion changes as well. So as things like trends change and our personal tastes change, so must our wardrobes. Many of us get in ruts where we let clothing keep piling up and crowding our spaces no matter if the clothing fits our style or not. We rarely wear everything we own and often times having our clothing for too long can make us feel and look, well... not so good about ourselves.

Taking a weekend to go through your clothes in your closet can make you have a whole new outlook on yourself. If you are not sure what looks good on yourself, ask a friend to hang out and make an afternoon or evening of it. If you haven't touched something in a year, you probably won't ever again. Consider donation or selling gently used clothing on consignment. In tough economic times someone else is bound to appreciate the donation and you may be able to make a little extra cash.

Once you have made space in your closet you are bound to feel like a new person and like you have a better grip on your belongings. You may be inspired to try new combinations of outfits, or even feel like you now have space for a couple new things.

So take the time this week to look through your clothing in your closet. We are worth it, and the time will be well spent!

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