Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smiling Spaces

I started my own business this month called Smiling Spaces, Inc.

It's an organizing business where I will be helping people de-clutter their spaces which will hopefully create less stress in their lives.

I've always been an entrepreneur and love a new challenge. I find my new endeavors to be just that. It's challenging to know I am my own boss and that I ultimately am the only one in charge of the success of my business and all the details it involves.
I like being in control but also find it tempting to ask others for advice and guidance along the way. I think that is okay to do, but is also something I will have to be able to let go of as I make more and more decisions and tackle more obstacles on my own.

Some of what I'm doing to get my ducks in a row is quite paradoxical. I'm having to organize myself, which I sometimes find really difficult. Why is it easier to organize other people and hard to organize myself? I think it has to do with being a step outside of the situation when helping others. When you are too close to the situation things can get in the way and prevent you from seeing clearly.

I'm learning to be patient and that there will never be a day where the work will be done. I need to learn to shut the door and let it go. Doing that is a big struggle for me. I'm really proud of myself for getting this far in just a little over a month's time.

I've got a name, bank account, email address, ordered business cards, have a website domain and copy written for it, have an understanding of my deductible expenses, have started a resource and product file, have most of my forms for clients ready to go, and have set up my home office to my liking. I've learned how to set up spreadsheets, I've started a portfolio, have a working inventory of products to sell, have some logo ideas going, and have begun to network.

My next challenges are going to be taking the steps to actually get clients. I'd love to practice my phone intake skills and using my forms. I also want to feel comfortable with my rates and policies. I'm also wondering about my insurance I need and how I will market.

One step at a time I guess. For now, I need to be satisfied with how far I've come.
Onward I go!

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