Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Counting My Age in Halves

I don't usually feel like writing at night, nor do I usually have a free night with no plans to do so. It's kind of nice. I just talked with my oldest sister Jenny who is pregnant with her second child and due any minute. I told her I think it will come tomorrow or tonight since the last time around we spoke through email the night she went into labor.

It's funny how my family is changing before my eyes. On my way home from work tonight, after a nice workout at the gym, there was an oldie on the radio that reminded me of my Dad. (It was something by The Turtles) I was thinking how he would turn up the radio really loud when we were kids and pound on the steering wheel with the beat and make me laugh. Sometimes I would have to cover my ears because it was so loud. It was a blast to see him so happy and acting like a crazy teenager enjoying music from his youth. I hope I never forget those times.

Last Sunday we went to celebrate our twin nephews' third birthday. I prefer not to post their full names, so I'll call them "little M" and "little C." Our other nephew, "little A," was there too and is almost a year and a half. My siter Jenny's first child, who I'll have to call "big brother S" since he just became a brother to a little sister whose name also starts with an S, is now three too. My other sister Sarah's child, "little L," is just about 6 months. Christmas this year is sure to be a blast.

My husband Tim and I are the babies in our families, or should I say were the babies. It is sort of a weird transition becoming the adult around. I don't really want to grow up. I loved being a kid and looking up to the older siblings and cousins in my life. I don't like seeing us get older and have to work so hard to stay healthy and look youthful. I'm only 26 and a half, (Tim laughs that I count my age in halves still) but always feel like I'm about five years older than I am. Tim says he feels the same way. Is that because when you are the youngest you are sort of forced to grow up a bit faster?

I say, screw that! My grandma Mary Jean would tell you the same thing in so many words, if she could talk. She suffered a stroke six years ago and can only say a few things now like "very good" and "George," which is my grandpa's name. Bless her heart! Grandma was always a childlike gal and very energetic and with the times. She knew the trends and fads better than I did growing up. She always had the cutest ensembles and bought really fun gifts for me and my sisters. I remember ice skating with her and making cookies and swimming with her. Those were good days.

I was looking at buying my mom some free weights today for her to use. Her 58th birthday is around the corner. It's so important that we take care of our bodies as we age. I hope I can always workout and be mobile. I would hate to be in a wheel chair like my grandma is. I'm such an active person and love to move.

I think we take so much for granite. It sure is nice to have peace and quite this evening. The roads are wet outside and I hear the cars whipping up the icy slush on the roads outside my window. The computer is humming quietly and my typing is really the only other sound I hear. I'm calm, and cozy in my comfy clothes.

Life is good.

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