Friday, August 1, 2008

Rise and Shine

"Rise and shine, and give God your glory, glory!" are the lyrics to a little song my oldest sister Jenny used to sing to me and my sister Sarah when we were growing up. She probably learned it at some day camp, I'm not sure. Nevertheless, some mornings I hear this tune in my head when I've had a good nights rest and climb out of bed.

Some people are night owls, I'm a morning person. I guess that might seem a little strange because I'm a "theatre person," whatever that means. Well, being one who does a lot of theatre performing, which happens at night, most would assume I'm someone who thrives at night. This is just not the case. I happen to be the most productive and creative in the mornings.

Some say it has to do with the time you were born. I'm not so sure I believe that. I was born in the afternoon. However, I do like afternoons just about as much as I do mornings. In the afternoon you still feel like you have time to accomplish your goals for the day and may be looking forward to your evening plans. By night though, I start getting tired way before I probably should be and I just don't do caffeine, ever. My body doesn't like it. I know! Most people probably think if I'm a morning person I must like coffee and lattes a lot. Nope. I like the taste, but not the caffeine. I just can't deal with that jittery feeling I get. I feel so out of control.

Mornings are great because when the sun and birds wake you up you feel like you have a fresh start to the day and that the worries of yesterday are gone. No matter what troubles you went to bed with, a new day has arrived and there is always a chance to make a change.

I used to get up and turn on the "Today" show in college while I got ready in the morning. I liked the background conversation and hearing the news. Nowadays I like to have it quiet and eat my oatmeal at my little kitchen table. Sometimes I read, or write down ideas I have for whatever project I'm working on at the time. This morning it was some marketing ideas for my business that I couldn't get out of my head. Other days I like to just sit and let the sun come in on my face. It can be a great way to start the day by having some personal time to reflect or just be present. Even if it is cloudy, a nice little rain shower can have such calming affects if you let the sounds into your day and really listen to them.

I think silence or the act of listening is so valuable. Bringing space into our lives by not trying to fill every moment up with something is really helpful for inspiration and maybe the key to happiness, as I see it. At least I'm finding out, that in my life, when I accept the moment and don't overreact to situations that are uncomfortable I find an inner peace.

It seems like our culture today is so fast paced and loud. There are constantly things to stimulate our senses. Just look at commercials for example, or toys for kids. When did everything get so loud and crazy?! I love my mom's comment about how my three year old nephew was enjoying playing with some measuring cups in the bath tub. "It's the simple things," she said.

Kids usually love mornings too. Maybe it's because it is quiet and all the rest of us are sleeping. I think we can learn from that. Instead of breaking the silence, just rise out of bed in the morning and listen to the glorious sound of a new day.

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